Women and Wines of the World 
International CompetitionTM
The original always tastes better!
07th & 08th March 2020 - LIMITED EDITION

First French competition where the Wines of the World are exclusively tasted by international female experts.
This international competition is also intended to encourage and highlight the role of women and the professions they perform in the world of wine internationally.

Women and Wines of the World International Competition™
Selection of international female expert 

Capital of International References

World wines submitted to exclusively international female experts in oenology, viticulture, wine,
 wine tourism, the general wine-loving public, the media, gastronomy and business.

Tasting world wine 02nd march 2019

Dégustation de vins du monde 02 mars 2019

Register a World Wine 2019

open to the World Wines of all vintages

Benefits of the World Wines contest

an international profil
Visibility - Influence - Business

International Competition of World Wines

very high rigorous selection of the best World Wines by international female experts only.

The Dream Team

An international professional association

Visiblility - Influence - Business
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image contient diamant BOX OFFICE WINES

Hub conciergerie for connection and services
award-winning wines and spirits
for Wine Lover, Connoisseurs, Buyers
to discover, better appreciate, better choose
and Medias to better inform

Rose Wine Community of World Rosé Wines

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French competition entered on the list of French wine competitions whose medals may appear in the labeling of wines produced in France in accordance with the decree of 13 February 2013.
In application of decree N ° 2012-655 of May 4, 2012 relating to the labeling and traceability of wine products and certain oenological practices.