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Women and Wines of the World
 International CompetitionTM

Join us in 2019 for even more crazy projects !!! !

If the primary goal of this international competition is to promote the fundamental qualities of wines from around the world with geographical indication and reward those who have reached the organoleptic levels approaching the pinnacle of their appellation or origin. 

This world wine competition was created 15 years ago by a French woman, Régine LE COZ, a state certified oenologist and wine consultant with an eclectic and atypical career.

Its aim was also to share its experience and thus to encourage and highlight the role of women and the professions they perform in the world of wine and wine internationally. This is why each jury includes 5 female jurors, 3 foreign jurors and 2 French juries from each of the colleges below. 

Each jury is composed of a juror from each of the first 4 international professional panel corresponding to the promotion of the vine and wine trades.  We will find a juror from the oenophile amateur discovery panel. The choice to include informed amateur enamels is a deliberate desire because this panel reflects the tastes and expectations of consumers.

  •  college 1 - oenologists or winemakers, French or foreign, president of juries, 
  • college 2 - production and affiliates, secretary: person working upstream of the wine industry: winemaker, laboratory manager, viticultural technician, glassmaker, corker, printer, etc ... 
  • college 3 - marketing, distribution, wine tourism: person working downstream of the wine industry: traders, sommelier, wine merchant, exporter, chef, caterer, visit manager, etc ... middle school 
  • college 4 - education, training, communication, public relations, media: people who train from CAPA to PhD through vocational training in the professions of the vineyard and wine; and whoever professionally collects information, writes articles or publishes reports (written, audio, photo or video) in the world of vineyards and wine.  
  • college 5 - discovery consumer: aficionada, epicurean, hedonist. 

No woman has any influence at the tasting table because ... they are all international professional experts! The wine sample evaluated therefore benefits from a high level exchange of international multi expertise. That's what women can offer and it's called: EXCELLENCE!

of Women and Wines of the World International Competition 

Palmarès 2018 of Women and Wines of the World International Competition take place in OPEN TASTING WINES - MONACO
Public event!

palmares 2018 open tasting wines monaco

Women and Wines of the World International Competition